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Celebration of Boligee

Here is my new mural for Boligee, AL! This mural is on Boligee’s new community center, which is housed in a building that once served as the local high school. The mural has two sides depicting a story about Boligee. I represent the area’s past by showing a railroad and 1920’s train. The painting compares the past to the area’s present, which is tied to the nearby I-20/59 interstate. Transportation has always been important to this small town. I also show several other aspects of what makes life beautiful in Boligee. I painted cattle, an important aspect of farming in the area, and I painted the area’s unique, gorgeously green and hilly landscape that is scattered with great fishing ponds. Finally, I painted the beautiful blue sky that frames this special place. In total this mural is 25' x 100'. It was such a joy to paint here and meet so many of the wonderful people that make up this community. The hospitality of the people of Boligee is like no other. These people care about their community and are taking active steps to move forward and bring positive change to this area. Thank you Boligee and thank you Mayor Hattie Samuels for reaching out to me and trusting me to represent your community well!

Boligee, AL: Project
Boligee, AL: Portfolio
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